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Networking Opportunities!

Are you interested in becoming a trusted networking partner? We work with an exclusive group of industry-minded professionals to provide outstanding customer service to our clients. Through our network, you will have the opportunity to reach a whole new client base with ease.

Who is a part of our network?

Throughout the years, we built close relationships with local realtors, title companies, mortgage brokers, and lenders in the real estate industry. We work with top individuals in their fields to keep our network exclusive.

When working with our preferred network partners, you will be the first to know of industry news, latest trends, and, most importantly, new clients.

We host virtual happy hours and coffee talk time regularly. We believe it is essential to stay connected and communicate frequently.

If you are interested in joining our network, give us a call. We would love to have you!

Our Affiliations 

Illinois State Bar Association

Chicago Bar Association

Join Our Network

We’re looking for top industry individuals to work with us and meet new clients.

We believe in networking as a way to help one another out. Since a big part of the business is referrals, why not help each other out? We work with a strong group of realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders, home inspectors, and more. Our network also taps into those who can help work on your home like contractors, electricians, plumbers, and finishers. If you have a client wanting a forever home that needs a little TLC, ask us! We would be glad to send you referrals. It could be the difference between your client finding their dream home or walking away.
We also would like to host virtual networking events to talk about ways to help each other out. Since the times have drastically changed and we are no longer attending in-person events, monthly virtual happy hours are a must! It gives us an excuse to kick back, relax, chat, and meet new people. Please join us!